Clinical data proves superiority when
compared with conventional methods


Clinical Evaluation Report (CER)

The results from a number of clinical studies have been summarised in a Clinical Evaluation Report (CER).
Tests performed are:

  • Proteins: Nano LC-ESI-FTICR MS, 2D-gel SDS-PAGE protein analysis
  • Plasma activity: Conventional Biochemical assay techniques
  • Lipids: GC MS/MS
  • Plastics surface: ESCA
  • Electric field

Reference customer testimonials

“Antrad Medical has a highly developed quality system in place and a product, beneficial for both patients and hospitals”
Jürgen Gernhuber, MD. Fachartz Transfusionsmedizin und Anästhesie. Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

“With Antrad UFT100 we have an improved process in blood plasma management”
Folke Knutson,RN, MD, PhD Medical Director. Uppsala University Hospital, Sweden.