About us

The founder and inventor – Lars Ekemar

Lars Ekemar founded Antrad Medical in 2008. Lars is an expert in RF design and simulation and the inventor of the RF oven technology. He has a long history of working on the border between research, applied science and development with considerable experience in theoretical calculations, computer simulations of electromagnetic fields and laboratory work.
Lars Ekemar also has a comprehensive experience in patent work. In the last 25 years he has successfully written, filed, and been granted several Swedish, European and US patent applications.

A big thank you to Lars Ekemar for your hard and important work.

The Antrad team

The Antrad team includes industry experts and entrepreneurs with the right mix of skills and expertise in development of the medical devices, managing complex teams, driving B2B sales, financing, and general management.
After finalizing successful projects with the first- and second-version RF based thawing devices from Antrad Medical it’s time for a new team to commercialize a new standard for fast thawing of sensitive biological material.
Standby for more updates on this.