Plasma thawing devices


Developed based on
Antrad RF technology
UFT100 (Discontinued)

  • For thawing two blood plasma bags in 5-10 minutes
  • Controlled adaptive thawing process for each plasma bag
  • Thawing chambers are kept clean. Possible plasma leakage will be detected and collected in the disposable cartridge
  • Just-in-time plasma thawing improves plasma management and significantly reduces wastage and cost for old plasma
  • Superior clinical quality proven in several studies

Next version of instrument
Qthaw rapid UFT200

A new thawing device for single bag thawing will be launched before summer 2024 by Conroy Medical AB.

  • Faster (only 3-5 min) and more adaptive thawing process
  • Adjustable end temperature
  • Increased logging functionality and statistics
  • Improved user interface and connectivity
  • Youtube film